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About Us

Northpeak Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1999. Northpeak Enterprises Inc has grown to supplying both USA & Canada markets with high end GPS Solutions in all industries. We offer a complete solution for OEM/ODM manufacturing in USA & Canada with timely turn around and sample pre-production.

Northpeak Enterprises Inc. is widely known for GPS technology, OEM and ODM applications across North America, solutions in this area have been provided to vast groups of solutions, in marine, mobile and independent applications meeting OEM/ODM specifications.

Our success has been greatly supported by our ability to provide vast solutions to our clients. We have become a source for Canadian and USA Markets for OEM/ODM solutions, Custom applications, logo printing solutions and fabrication.

Northpeak Enterprises Inc. is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has continued operation in this area since 1999 providing solutions North America wide.


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