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HI-505SD is a standard Bluetooth® GPS receiver with standard miniSD™ to SD adaptor. HI-505SD equipped with the most recent 20 channel ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS chipsets and wireless Bluetooth® module. Simply plug HI-505SD into any devices equipped with the standard SD slot, user can instantly enjoy the state of the art wireless GPS navigation. The basic concept of the HI-505SD is that the Bluetooth®/GPS section only taking power from the host device (like PDA, UMPC, tabletPC, laptopPC, etc.) via the miniSD™ to SD adaptor. In the meantime, users can still using the miniSD™ memory card without worry about the SD slot was occupied.


HI-505SD advantages:

  1. Simply plug in the HI-505SD into any SD slot from the standard mobile device with Bluetooth® features, the device become the all-in-one GPS navigator. HI-505SD provides the flexibility for GPS enable in different devices and different occasion usages.

  2. Unlike other SD GPS receivers occupied the SD slot, HI-505SD allow user to use any memory size miniSD™ card while using the HI-505SD simultaneously.

  3. Unlike most SD GPS receivers with fixed build-in memory, HI-505SD provide the flexibility for using any separate memory size miniSD™ card depend on how big the memory size needed.

  4. Unlike regular SDIO GPS receiver require complicated software and driver installation, user can easily use HI-505SD and enjoy the GPS navigation simply set up the standard Bluetooth® connection between the devices.

  5. As soon as plug in HI-505SD, user can start using the wireless GPS navigation without worry about the Bluetooth® GPS receiver battery life.

  6. Equipped with the 20 channel ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS module, HI-505SD can get 3D fixed in any outdoor locations and without using the external antenna.

  7. Unlike normal Bluetooth® GPS receiver moving around dashboard while driving, HI-505SD fixed on the mobile device and not to worry about where to place the unit.

  8. HI-505SD module concept allow HI-505SD become a wired GPS receiver. By connecting with different optional cables via the adapting box, HI-505SD can also be used as a regular GPS mouse. HI-505SD can not only be wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver and also be the wired GPS receivers, like, USB GPS receiver, RS232 GPS receiver, PDA GPS receiver, etc.

Accessories: Standard Accessories:


Model Name

model #


HI-505SD Bluetooth® GPS receiver unit



Tool CD



User Manual


HI-505SD Bluetooth® GPS receiver installed on cigarette lighter outlet

LED Indicator (Red)

LED Indicator (Blue)

LED off

Receiver switch off

LED flashing

GPS Position Fixed

LED stay on

GPS Signal searching

LED off

Bluetooth® switch off

LED flashing

Bluetooth® searching

LED stay on

Bluetooth® connected


GPS Receiver




Bluetooth® & Mini-1394



Baud Rate

4800, N, 8, 1

Max. Update Rate

1 Hz




20 channel


L1, 1575.42MHz

Hot Start

8 sec. Average

Warm Start

38 sec. Average

Cold Start

48 sec. Average

Reacquisition Tike

100 ms

Position Accuracy

15m 2D RMS, SA off

Macimum Altitude


Maximum velocity



DC 3.3V+-10%

Power consumption

90mA continuous mode

Antenna Type

Built-in active antenna

External Antenna Connector

MMCX (Optional)


Fold: 46 (L) x 43 (W) x 20 (H)mm
Unfold: 80 (L) x 43 (W) x 18 (H)mm

LED Indicator:

3D Positioning (blinking) or
Searching GPS (on)


Bluetooth® Specifications:
Bluetooth® V1.1 Compliances

Frequency Range:

2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz
unlicensed ISM band



Receiver Sensetivity:

-80 dBm @ 0.1% BER

Transmitting Power:

Class 2 -6 dBm ~ +4 dBm

RF Input Impedance:

50 ohms

Frequency hopping:


Baseband Crystal OSC:


Data Rate:

Up to 723Kb/s

Operating Temperature:

-20°C ~ +80°C

Storage Temperature:

-30°C ~ +90°C

Transmitting Range:

10 meters (Typical)

Power Consumption:

65 mA (Typical)


HI-505SD as a regular GPS mouse:

By connection different optional connecting cables, HI-505SD can be all kinds of independent wired GPS receiver solutions.

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